Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

denyify's program for platform-scaling with provider feedback.

At denyify, our commitment to enhancing your claim denial management experience doesn't stop at the deployment of our artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. We believe in the power of continuous learning and improvement, which is why we've implemented a Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) program.

The power of human feedback

While our AI is powerful and sophisticated, we understand that it's not perfect. That's where you, our valued providers, come in. Your feedback is invaluable in helping our AI learn, adapt, and improve. Our RLHF program integrates your insights directly into the learning process of our AI, creating a feedback loop that allows our system to learn from your experiences and continually refine its performance.

Provider-informed improvements

The RLHF program works by collecting feedback from providers like you who use our platform. We then use this feedback to adjust the AI's decision-making process, optimizing it to better meet your needs and expectations. Whether it's about the AI-generated appeals, evidence-based reasoning, specialty workflows, or any other feature, your feedback is used to improve the system's understanding and execution.

Building a better denyify together

We see the RLHF program as a partnership between Denyify and our providers. By integrating your valuable insights and experiences into the AI's learning process, we can ensure that our platform continues to evolve in ways that best support you in defying denials and managing claims more effectively.

How to participate

Participating in the RLHF program is simple. Whenever you use our platform, you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience. This could include how well the AI-generated appeal met your needs, the effectiveness of the specialty workflows, or anything else you think could help improve our platform. Your input is then fed back into our AI, helping it learn and improve over time.

We're excited about the potential of the RLHF program to enhance the Denyify experience and look forward to working with our providers to make our platform even better. We encourage you to participate and help us shape the future of denials management. Together, we can continue to revolutionize healthcare by turning denials into approvals more efficiently and effectively.