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Turn denials into approvals in 30 seconds.

Streamline your claims process and save physician time with our cutting-edge appeal solution.

Claims Revenue Denied Medical Necessity Each Year

Annual Cost of Revenue Recovery for Denied Claims

Hours of Patient Care Prevented

Eliminate Burnout and Inefficiency

Effortlessly turn Denials into Approvals

Watch your AR grow from increased appeals

Focus more on caring for your patients.


Stop waiting.
Start appealing.

Don't take no for an answer.

Each year, over $730 billion in US medical claims are denied, with more than $73 billion denied due to lack of medical necessity. Most claims are recoverable, yet this requires you or your staff to write each individual claim appeal, or to rely on cookie-cutter templates that don't actually voice advocacy for your patients.

Fortunately, denyify has you covered.

Instantly generate winning appeals with our AI claims automation technology to maximize your odds of payer approval.

Generate Your Winning Appeal